One-on-One Health Coaching

  • Tired of teachers asking you to medicate your child?

  • Does your child have a speech or learning delay?

  • Is your family overwhelmed by stress?

  • Are "special diets" intimidating?

  • Do you want your child to reach his fullest potential?

  • Ready to accomplish your goals in a way that’s empowering and exciting?

Together we will:
  • Collect data of current behaviors and challenges
  • Order SpectraCell blood testing to determine your family's unique nutritional deficiencies
  • Discuss the merits of various bio-medical interventions
  • Set your family's goals and work towards incremental and sustainable change
  • Track behavior improvements and nutritional improvements
What you get:
  • A 6-month program consisting of two 30-minute sessions per month
  • Email support between sessions
  • Simple healthy recipes
  • Handouts specific to your needs and goals
  • Referrals to highly-qualified biomedical practitioners as needed

An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach is a guide and mentor who empowers you and provides ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your family's health and happiness. As your Health Coach, I will listen carefully and we’ll navigate the world of Autism and ADD interventions together to explore what truly works for your family. 


Initial Consultation:
To decide if health coaching is right for you, I invite you to schedule a discounted initial consultation with me ($30).
Prior to your initial consultation I will ask you to fill out Health History forms, ATEC scores for your child, and if possible to upload videos of your child's most challenging behaviors.
During your initial consultation, we will work together for 30 minutes to discuss your family's health and lifestyle goals.
During this call I intend to get you started with 3 actionable tips towards improving your family's wellness.
I meet with clients in-person in Baltimore, or via Skype worldwide.
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6-month Program:
Making significant and lasting progress in your family's health and behavior takes time - many find it's too overwhelming to implement more than 3 new tips each week.
It is my hope that after our initial consultation you would like to continue coaching on a regular basis so you can implement positive changes in a methodical, lasting way.
By offering you 3 weekly tips over a 12-consult period, we can implement up to 36 new strategies during your 6-month program.
Therefore I prefer to work with clients in a 6-month program (meeting 2X/month for 30 minutes) to achieve lasting results in children's and parent's lives.
$100/month for 6 months, auto-billed monthly subscription to checking/credit card
(Total of $600 for 12 consults, which equals $50 per 30-minute session)
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Single Sessions:
Single Session Rates: For clients who prefer to meet with me for single sessions, the rate is $75 for a 30-minute consultation.